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What would you do if the tools of your trade which you use to earn a living were damaged as a result of an accident or even worse if someone was to break into your van and steal them?

Your tools can be your lifeblood, without them it would be very difficult to complete contracts on time and maintain your reputation. Some of your tools will have been collected and maintained over many years and would be difficult to replace so losing them to theft or accident would be devastating.

It is important to cover your tools for insurance, eliminating the risk of losing them and affecting your livelihood – your ability to earn money.

EPItools ‘Tools In Van’ – Protecting Your Livelihood on the Move

tools in vanAt EPItools we offer a specialist ‘tools in van’ policy which covers you from the nightmare of having to find the cash to replace your tools if you are unable to work due to the theft of your tools from your van, or if your tools become damaged as a result of an accident involving the van. By taking out our tools in van cover you can be sure that the cost of replacing your tools won’t be at your own expense, and costly delays to your work can be avoided.

With our Tool Insurance Cover you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you are protected in your vehicle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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